So, it’s your first time experiencing GYROTONIC®?


Below you’ll find a first-person account of what to expect from an initial introduction with the GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM®. One of our students decided, given the amazing deal that is the apprentice sessions, that it was finally time to give the “foreign, kind of scary looking” fitness method a try. As I’ve heard from others, this is a pretty common feeling… But fear not! Read on and see how a true first timer felt about (dun dun dun!) GYROTONIC®.

Despite the fact that I work out on a regular basis, I have never attempted anything as (what’s the right word…) different (?) as GYROTONIC®. I’m a mat kind of girl, free weights and resistance bands are pretty much the extent of equipment that I like to incorporate into my usual workouts. Upon hearing about the apprentice sessions though, and knowing several (incredibly toned) women who swear by the fitness method, I decided that now was the time to give it a shot. Not to mention, having taken Pilates with Vanessa, I knew I’d be in good hands.

CRNP Instructor, Vanessa!

SO… Because it was my first go-round with  GYROTONIC®, we started the session seated on stools to learn”choreography” for the upper half of the body. What I was not expecting was the emphasis on connecting the breath to the movement. From practicing yoga, I understand an awareness of the breath, but Vanessa encouraged linking inhales and exhales very specifically to each movement. This was cool, because I don’t think I’ve ever been so in-tune to the mind-body connection. We took the choreography to the equipment and, after a few adjustments and fumbles, I sort of got the hang of it. What I did notice was the crazy amount I felt my core working – “stirring” was my favorite as not only did my core engage but I really felt my obliques – one of the toughest areas to conquer – kicking in, too.

Prior to working on the legs, we did some work on the floor where Vanessa taught me to engage my leg through the center line, from my hips down through to my toes. It took SO much focus, but ultimately it really helped me understand how to thoroughly engage every muscle for the practice. I have to say, my tight hamstrings did get in the way a tiny bit, but definitely not as much as I expected.

After my initiation with GYROTONIC®, I can definitely understand how everyone addicted to the fitness method are in such incredibly good shape. If I keep it up, I can only imagine my flexibility, strength and muscle tone will have no choice but to grow – quickly! Highly recommend – tight hamstrings and all! Word on the street is that Vanessa’s apprentice sessions are all booked up… But she’s available for regular sessions, too! Book!

Love it!! There is no way you can still be intimidated by the GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM® after reading that, right?! You know exactly what to expect… Amazing-ness! Call to book: 312.751.1256 or email at


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